GBR – 20th Grander of the Year

Hellraiser II Cairns, Australia - Capt. Steve Ahlers, Tony Carpenter and Murray Teasdale on Hellraiser II … [Read more...]

GBR – 19th Grander of the Year

Tradition Cairns, Australia - Capt. Tim Richardson on Tradition released a Black Marlin estimated at over 1,000 … [Read more...]

GBR – 18th Grander of the Year

Iona IIĀ  - Photo Kelly Dalling Cairns, Australia - Capt. Alex Jordon on Iona II released a Black Marlin … [Read more...]

GBR – 16th Grander of the Year

Grander on Sea Fever Cairns, Australia - Sea Fever released a Black Marlin they estimated at over 1,000 lbs.  … [Read more...]