Cairns, Aus – 11th Grander of the Year

  Cairns, Australia - Capt. Luke Fallon on the Kekoa released an estimated 1,100 lbs. Black Marlin. … [Read more...]

Cairns, Aus – 10th Grander of the Year

Cairns, Australia - Capt. Mark Parkinson on Black Label released an 1,000 lbs,. Black Marlin. … [Read more...]

Lizard Island, Aus – 9th Grander of the Year

Lizard Island, Australia - Capt. Haydon Bell on the Kanahoee released a Black Marlin over 1,000 lbs. Mike Tarmey on the … [Read more...]

Cairns, Aus – 8th Grander of the Year

Cairns, Australia - On his first day of the season, in their first hour fishing, Capt. Daniel McCarthy on Moana III … [Read more...]

Port Douglas, Aus – 7th Grander of the Year

  Port Douglas, Australia - The Great Barrier Reef has yielded yet another Grander Black Marlin. Capt. … [Read more...]

Cairns, Aus – 6th Grander of the Year

Cairns, Australia - Capt. Billy Billson and Andy Dow on Viking II weighed a 1,117 lbs. Black Marlin. This is the 1st … [Read more...]

Azores – 5th Grander of the Year

  Azores - Capt. Clement Golaz  and Johan Mikkelsen on Nola weighed a 1,064 lbs. Blue Marlin. The fish was … [Read more...]

Mauritius – 4th Grander of the Year

Mauritius - Capt. Benjamin Ladouceur and Team Zazou II put Angler Chris Session on a 1,055 lbs. Blue Marlin. The fish … [Read more...]

New Zealand – 3rd Grander of the Year

Ahipara, NZ - Skipper John Giford and Angler Wade Wilson on Hot Lips weighed a 1,027 lbs. Blue Marlin. Fish was fought … [Read more...]

Angola – 2nd Grander of the Year

Lobito, Angola - We have our 2nd Grander of the Year. Capt. Sergio Reis with Angler Jose Pires caught a 1,097 lbs. Blue … [Read more...]

South Africa – 1st Grander of the Year

Cape Vidal, South Africa - Skipper Roberto Fierro on Eye-Tie put Angler Bully de Ricqueberg on an estimated 1,245 lbs. … [Read more...]