Tahiti -12th Grander of the Year

Tahiti – While out tuna fishing, the Lefoc Family landed one of the largest blue marlin in years. An impressive 590 kg (1,300 lbs.) Blue Marlin. Perhaps even more impressive is that they did it from a small skiff. We are hoping to get more information on this catch.


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  1. Mike Wright says

    Hook; sure would love to hear more about these last two girls from Tahiti. Congrats to all involved!

    • We are trying Mike. We have a grainy shot of the 1,300, but nothing on the other. Tahitian fishermen are weighing these fish and then cutting them up. Both were out tuna fishing. We have a good contact in Tahiti who gives us the info, but the shots are proving tough to come by.

    • Ok Mike. Not the best shot, but we got one.

  2. Mike Wright says

    Awsome, a photo with some character! Next year I think we should go to Tahita around Mid August, what do you think Hook? Some kind of bi-catch that one was.

    This photo reminds me of the ones I saw in the paper at Port Blair in the Andaman Islands this year. They had a little skiff with one grander on board and another being pulled over the side. Photo was from the Nicobar area which is off limits though. To explain how that photo came about; the government had done a survey with local longliners to determine the viability of a commercial zone there.

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