Cape Verdes – 3rd Grander of the Year


Grander Blue Marlin for Amelia

Cape Verde Islands – Capt. Zak Conde on Amelia has weighed a 1,145 lbs Blue Marlin. Fish was caught off of San Antao. 1st Grander for Capt. Zak with mate “Scuba” Steve Hall.

Angler was Stephan Kreupl of Germany. This is his 2nd Grander, holding the 80 lbs IGFA Record 1,238 lbs Pacific Blue Marlin. Stephan joked with us that he may want to go for a Grander Black as well, which would give him the  “Grander Slam”.  We say, go buy a lottery ticket Stephan, as you are one lucky man.

The hook-up happened near the Noroeste Bank, close to the Island of San Antao.  It was a an hour and a half battle, but according to Stephan the biggest battle was getting the fish on board. With the fish still in the water, the boat was now being circled by a number of sharks. Knowing this was a fish of a lifetime, mate Steve “Ice Veins” Hall jumped in the water to secure the rope on the fish in order to get her aboard. Now THAT is going all the way for your clients. Good on ya Steve!

Happy Angler Stephan Kreupl

Stephan was using his own lure named “SuperJet” produced by Bluewater Fishing Lures (


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  1. Ray Tipton says

    nice job guys!

  2. Hi,
    i caught the 1150 lbs atlantic blue marlin on cape verde.
    Do you like a PR-Article and a foto for your magazin?

    All the best from germany
    Stephan Kreupl

  3. Sanford 'Beamer' Green says

    Congrats and respect, Stephan. You’re living my dream and I’m damned glad someone is!

    Shake ‘Scuba’s’ hand for me as that was one ballsy move to get the fish secured so you could get it on board.


  4. keith biggs says

    Scuba Steve was my roomie for about 2 years and I can remember teaching him how to rig a Mackeral and Squid, he has come a long way. Great Job!

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