Cairns, Aus – 29th Grander of the Year

1,100 lbs Black for Mistress

Cairns, AustraliaCapt. Brett Alty on the Mistress released a 1,100 lbs Black Marlin. He and the boys got here to the leader in under 5 minutes. Pretty impressive!

This is the 2nd Grander for the season for Capt. Brett and the 16th on the season for the fleet.


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  1. My friend caught a Grander Blue Marlin some years ago in Hawaii…
    That was a fight of 4 hours – and the fish was weighed with “only” about 1040 lbs.

    Sorry-for my opinion – catching a Grander in 5 minutes is a late night bar joke – and nothing else.
    My friend would be ashamed to tell his friends, that he caught a Grander in 5 Mintutes. They would
    lough about him for the rest of his live….don`t want to write more details…

    • It actually happens Bettina. More so on the Black Marlin than the blues, but this is legitimate.

    • It`s not real hard. Blacks often seem confused when you hook them on a circle hook at 18lb`s drag. They often jump around close to the boat. If they don`t you back very aggressively to where they are and whack the drag up to sunset. That usually gets their attention and gets them on the surface or in the air.If they get over this confusion, or don`t jump they just head east, and you will be applying lots of drag for hours because they are bigger and stronger.That provides a real incentive to be aggressive and get them quick.

      I have now caught 10 called conservatively at over a Grand, and 2 we called under, but which other very experienced Skippers called over ( Biggles, Little Rossi). Apart from the monster I spent 2hrs 54 mins on the previous shortest time was 7 mins and the longest 18 mins on an 1100 which was tail wrapped.

      I have caught a lot of Blues and Blacks, so I should after 46 yrs of this have a rough idea of how to do it.

      I have some computer skilled crew. I will see if we can somehow upload the entire fight( hookup to release) , as we have it on the 3 video cameras which are recording to HDD DVR`s all day. We just edit them at night.

      Regards Barry

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