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Grander Blue Marlin

NZ – 1st Grander of the Year
Waihau, NZ – We have our 1st Grander of 2020. Mike & Lynda Randrup on B Caus weighed a 1,085 lbs. Blue Marlin.
Kona – 4th Grander of the Year
Kona, HI – Capt. Marlin Parker, Angler Keith Hilton, Crew Ryan Thurner, Brian Rice and Carol Lynne on Marlin Magic II weighed a 1,035
Azores – 3rd Grander of the Year
Azores – Captain Lukas Folk and Patrick Murphy on Habitat weighed a Blue Marlin (1,119 lbs.) The fish had a 141” Short, 78″ Girth
Cape Verde – 2nd Grander of the Year
Cape Verde Islands – Heiko Steinmetz has struck gold for the 5th time. Fishing on his boat, Black Marlin, he weighed a 1,177 lbs.
Cook Islands – 1st Grander of Year
Cook Islands – Cameron Thorp on Tamahine weighed a Blue Marlin (1,040). This is the 1st Grander of 2019 reported to us on rod