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Blue Marlin, Ocean City
Our 6th Grander of the Year is also the Bahamas Record Blue Marlin , weighing in at 1,119 lbs. While fishing the Treasure Cay
Blue Marlin Kona, Hawaii
Hooked on a Bart Miller Torpedo Taper trolling lure behind the BLACK BART, this marlin battled for 21/2 hours. It was caught on 130-lb
Blue Marlin Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Capt. Igor Assad on Zoom released an estimated 1,000 lbs. Blue Marlin. The Angler was Rafael Ferreira, who caught the fish on stand-up gear.
Blue Marlin Cape Verde Islands
Blue Marlin Cape Verde Islands
Blue Marlin Bermuda
There have been some big ones around, so it was only a matter of time. Alan and Ian Card on the Challenger put first