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Black Marlin Bazaruto, Mozambique
Black Marlin Kona, Hawaii
After being hooked on a live bait (aku) towed from Capt. Peter Hoogs’ PAMELA, this fish pulled them into the Alenuihaha Channel then dove
Blue Marlin Oahu, Hawaii
Capt. Ken Kaio and Cory Vellalos were trolling on Ken’s 30-foot Rad, the NATASHA K, a few miles from X-buoy on Oahu’s North Shore
Blue Marlin Oregon Inlet, North Carolina
Blue Marlin Virginia Beach, Virginia
We hooked it at 9 a.m. and got it to the boat the first time at 1 in the afternoon. We grabbed it with
Blue Marlin Abidjan, Ivory Coast
Angler Alex Kahlil fishing on Rafik caught this 1,090 lbs. Blue Marlin. The fish took a small tuna and took over 3 Hours to
Blue Marlin Abidjan, Ivory Coast
Black Marlin Cooktown, Australia
Black Marlin Panama
Capt. Jimmy Kitchel put angler Buddy Schultz on a 1,100 lbs Black Marlin. Fishing on the boat Gotcha, the big girl at a live
Black Marlin Cairns, Australia
Capt. Brett Alty on Mistress, put Angler Matt Price on a beauty of a Black Marlin, releasing this 1,100 lbs fish. The boys were