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Kona, Hawaii

Blue Marlin – Kona, Hawaii
Hooked on a Bart Miller Torpedo Taper trolling lure behind the BLACK BART, this marlin battled for 21/2 hours. It was caught on 130-lb
Blue Marlin Kona, Hawaii
Capt. Charles Ani was piloting the MALIA when he raised a grander behind the boat. Butch Chee had the honor of fighting the monster
Blue Marlin Kona, Hawaii
Capt. Fred Erickson caught his grander while fishing on the VALKYRIE II. It was the third recorded grander in Hawaii and the VALKYRIE II
Blue Marlin Kona, Hawaii
Ernie France ventured out of Kona aboard the HOLOHOLO with veteran Capt. Doug Pattengill at the helm. They returned victorious from their trip with