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Cairns, Aus – 38th Grander of the Year

Grander on the Shaka

Cairns, AustraliaCapt. Jared Weir on Shaka weighed a 1,097 lbs Black Marlin on November 25th, to follow up his released Grander (40th Grander of the Year) on November 24th. Here is what Capt. Weir had to say about the fish.

 Consecutive granders for us.  The first fish was caught on the afternoon of the 24th Nov. One we estimated to be over a thousand pound which we release.  On the 25th we decided to boat the fish for our angler.   Fight time was 15 minutes and from the bite to the boat was epic for both crew and angler. It was also our last day fishing the GBR for the 2011 season.