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Cairns, Aus – 13th Grander of the Year

Billfish on the Move

Cairns, Australia – It did not take long into the season for the boys down under to get one on the board. The Great Barrier Reef is the finest big black marlin fishery in the world and the season has already started out strong with a few fish over 800 lbs.

Capt. Rick Eustace on the Billfish takes the 2011 honors for the first Grander Black Marlin released on the reef as well as the first Grander Black caught in the world for 2011. Unfortunately the fish fought into the night, so there are no pictures for this veteran skipper. Capt. Rick said the fish only broke the surface one time in the 3 1/2 hour fight that covered 9 miles. Fish was caught on 130 lbs tackle.

Congratulations to Capt. Rick for starting the season out right and for the 13th Grander for 2011!