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Kona, HI – 39th Grander of the Year

Kona, HI – We were hoping for this. After such a great run down in Australia, we really wanted to see just one more Grander Marlin. No shock that is came from one of the World’s best Grander Grounds. This 1,011 lbs Blue Marlin fell to veteran Capt. Guy Terwilliger (his 1st Grander and normally Capt of the Ho’okele) on the Game Plan. Angler was Tom Crader.

Grander Blue for Game Plan (Charter Desk)

This is the 2nd Grander for Kona for 2010, which is particularly slow for this fishery. It should be noted that Kona was responsible for the 1st Grander of the Year (Capt. Jason Holtz) and then we saw 37 Granders since then.

Congrats to Guy on his Grander Blue from all of us here at Grander Watch…and may we say, it is about time.

*We wanted to also let you know that we have one other potential Australian Grander that is being sent to us.