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Cairns, Australia – 22nd & 23rd Grander of the Year

Cairns, Australia – The big girls are biting, with a number of 900 lbs. fish being reported. But…..this is Grander Watch, not 900 lbs Watch, so we get to add two more trophy fish to our list.

22. Iona II with Capt. Adam Jordan, released a Black Marlin they called over 1,000 lbs.

23. Amokura with Captain Chris Jolly, released a 1,000 lbs Black Marlin.

We can’t say this enough. These are lifetime fish. While there is no doubt that the largest black marlin on earth are located of the Great Barrier Reef, every single one of these is special.

Congratulations to Iona II and Amokura for the great fishing!