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Bermuda – 10th Grander of the Year

Bermuda – Yes, you are reading this correctly. No, we are not drunk….yet. The Atlantic Ocean has decided to produce some Big Blue Marlin this year and it seems like they moved from Cape Verdes to Bermuda.

We have our 10th GRANDER this year and the THIRD for Bermuda courtesy of the now famous Que Mas. Fish weighed, 1,005 lbs, which is the EXACT same weight as our 9th Grander. Capt. Travis Butters was the angler this time.

BIG Congratulations to the boys in Bermuda. Many thanks to Capt. Rene Bonneval on the C-Ya, Capt. James Robinson on the Wound Up ( and Brent Slade for letting us know. We are still in shock!

Fish was caught on a Black and Pink Moldcraft Wide Range. C-Ya’s Grander was also caught on a Black Moldcraft Wide Range.