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Cape Verde Islands – 4th Grander of the Year

San Nicoloa, Cape Verde Islands – We have now confirmed a 1,000 Blue Marlin released on June 30th. While fishing off of San Nicoloa, Capt. Ferdi Worst on the Bebiche released a Blue Marlin that was right at the mark. Her tail girth was right at the magical 20” mark, which is good enough for us.

What is perhaps more impressive was that Capt. Ferdi lost and estimated 1,200 lbs blue marlin, that broke off under the boat. He released an estimated 700 lbs blue marlin the following day. That is some tremendous fishing!

More information as it comes in. As if the Cape Verdes were not isolated enough, San Nicoloa is more remote….

UPDATE – From Capt. Ferdi Worst


The name of the anglers are Jon Albisu and Rafael Modrego from Spain.

One of them with the Lure Big Grander and the other with a Soft Lures 31 cm Mold Craft.

The LIne 130 lbs and the fighting time of the first one (1050 lbs ) was 55 minutes

The second one ( 1200 lbs ) about nearly 1 and a half hour