World’s best grander spots

Excellent article up at covering the world’s best locations for grander marlin.  The rankings they offer up:

1.  Cairns

2.  Kona

3.  Madeira

4.  Tahiti

5.  Bermuda

6.  Brazil

Honorable mention: Rodrigues Island, Mauritius, Azores, Cape Verde, Vanuatu, Ivory Coast, Ascension Island.

We might reorder some of the honorable mentions, and might ask for more evidence on Tahiti (beyond the legend of the 2000+-pound fish), but would largely call this a good list and well-ordered.  Year-to-date counts on granders as follows…

Cape Verde – 3 granders

Bermuda – 3 granders

Mexico – 1 grander

Ivory Coast – 1 grander

Portugal – 1 grander

Kona – 1 grander

Ocean City – 1 grander

Panama – 1 grander

This should, of course, change quickly with the season on the reef about to kick off. will follow it all.

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  1. Duarte Rato says

    Great article, but where´s Bazaruto Archipelago – Mozambique??? Probably less boats fish there than any other mentioned place…only place in mainland Africa to have produced Black´s over 1000 pounds. 23 granders to date – biggest 1298 lbs Black – Africa all tackle record

  2. Very fair – a good add to the honorable mention list I’d say. That’s the problem with fisheries that don’t have enough boats but have a great bite.

    Congrats on that 1170 last year, by the way. Bet your captaining was pretty fantastic – first-time angler in the chair, if I recall?

  3. Duarte – Are you back in Mozambique?

    • Duarte Rato says

      Thanks for the kind words John – yeah first Marlin for that angler.

      Yes Hook, back in Mozambique. Going up to Bazaruto in a week´s time. Lots of work on boat / gear & re-fitting brand new engines. First charter on the first of October. Good size fish already showing in considerable numbers.

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