More on that Mexico grander…

Here’s some first-hand writeup on that 1,038-pound blue caught off Veracruz, in the Gulf of Mexico…this year’s third grander, and a first-time angler at that!

Friends here is the review that I promised: it was about 245pm. My fishing partner said I have seen the bill of an animal but maybe I imagine it, and maybe it was half the sun and half the beers. I was barely paying attention and we turned to see all the lures and within 5 seconds we saw the animal go about the short lure, but nothing else hit him and he was there again. When I saw the full bill and head pulling on the other side of the lure, intelligently Captain Juan Carlos realizing this, accelerated , and the mischievous animal Marlin rushed him with such force that it was like working a rod of stone and could not do anything, he was taking line at an amazing speed and had to put the drag on the 80w was pressed up to strike because it was too much line that the animal carried and the speed that it did, I thought it would be emptied the reel, and then the animal finally stop, I started to work with techniques but it was impressive the pressure it brought on my body, I got to pull it close to the boat three times, the first time relatively fast, in fact this time I grabbed the leader, and capt Juan Carlos and I grab him and thought it was too full of force and strength for the animal as a single man, me with the rod and i could not do much and him with the engines, the beast felt the boat and line and pulled up as if stung for the first time, believe me it was awesome his force, they put a harness on me and i was leaning my shoulders back with the harness, as i did the animal jerked as if to say we stick it out to the death and I do not want to die, I broke the harness into many pieces, i could not believe it actually did that. It was going break the rod but fortunately it did not and we fought some more, the Marlin was gone again however, and this time was actually a brutal fight. Each and every pull of mine to collect line, my legs were shaking, I’m not a gym person with muscles but I think I have strength and this Marlin really made me tired, I remembered that book of Ernest Hemingway’s Old Man and the Sea. this fish gave me no pardon, and had the advantage,as i was in his territory. my harness was in pieces, but really i got the message, the understanding that I needed to reach out for some help, help is a word that the gentlemen in real life are discriminated against but I really need to know when to say it and am glad i did when i did, My arms and abdomen were purple and blue, hit by the pressure and discomfort from the fight. We were all witness to the strength of that animal, obviously intelligent as it struggled, we reached out for bigger boat and harness and in clear disbelief the other people hesitated , but good will always opens a door, and a boat called the Gladius and Rafael Morales approached, took the helm and I go to his boat, it was much more comfortable and a more decent harness the same passionoate combat took place for two more hours after it leaped three times the animal took out another 300 meters line. This was unheard of and i could not believe it came to jump to the surface 3 or 4 times. His entire body completely out of the water like it was saying, Look at who I am and respéct me. God it had a brutal force, after three hours, with excellent work of the new captain as well, which indeed we are now brothers, we bring the beast for the last time and this time was short, thanks to an excellent teamwork, we emerge victorious, three hooks, 3 ropes, 3 gaffs and a lot of rigging we used 6 people and finally she came in the Gladius. This monster came thru the door that is in the stern and then we went to final weigh-in but we did not make it in time. The experience is the best prize.

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